Cast Iron Rainwater & Soil Finishes

An extensive range of painted black semi-gloss Cast Iron Rainwater is now available with a 48 Hour lead-time. The most well-used profiles are available, namely Half Round, Beaded Half Round, Deep Half Round, Victorian Ogee & Moulded Ogee Guttering and Rainwater Pipes in 2½”, 3” & 4" diameters. Other standard colours are available in 7/10 working days, Non Standard Profiles/Colours & square and rectangular pipe & fittings with a delivery period of around 10/12 working days.

By removing the need for post-installation paintwork, Rainwater Direct painted Heritage cast iron offers up to a 60% saving on installation time and 30% saving in materials. The highly durable 3-coat factory-finish comprises 2 coats of primer, and a topcoat, which can last around 8 years before re-painting is required.

A good paint finish is vital to the performance and longevity of a Cast Iron rainwater and soil drainage system. Primers and finished coatings protect the underlying substrate by providing a barrier between the Cast Iron and corroding elements. Rainwater Direct offer the following finishes, all of which are carried out by paint specialists in factory conditions.

Primed Products

The main functions of primers are to provide a surface that subsequent coats of paint can easily adhere to and provide short term protection to the surface until it can be top coated.

Our primer paints used are usually grey in colour, but some soil products may be in black, and these have been specifically formulated to create a barrier to corrosion. The primers can be overcoated with Epoxy, Polyurethane or Acrylic paints.

The primer coated supplied products are classed as a transit coating and provide short term protection during delivery and undercover storage.

Painted Products (Black Semi-Gloss)

Our main painted products are supplied in with an exterior coating combined in a black semi-gloss finish. Black Semi-gloss is our standard painted products that are available on our 48 Hours delivery service. Our semi-gloss paints offer greater durability than most other paints.

All painted products are delivered with a matching tin of touch up paint to make good on any exposure of bare iron, as a result of, transit and or installation damage.

Coloured Products (Not Black Semi-Gloss)

There is also a bespoke painting service, which is available on our Heritage Rainwater guttering & pipe, and our Heritage Push-Fit soil system. We can supply any RAL or BS colour reference.

All RAL coloured products are delivered with a matching tin of touch up paint to make good on any exposure of bare iron, as a result of transit and or installation damage.

Due to the bespoke paint requirements, these products are not available on our 48 Hour delivery. These orders will take around 7/10 Working Days.

A colour surcharge of £50 will apply to all standard colours (shown below), Other colours (not listed) will have a minimum surcharge of £100 per order and a longer lead time. However, some colours may incur a further surcharge. Please call 01536 762400 for further details

Coastal Areas

Coastal regions are difficult to define, however for the purpose of this document and our guidelines, they are described as those areas within 5 miles of the coast.

The conditions in these areas are more aggressive than those experienced in many other areas. It is therefore very important that any paint chips or impact / installation damage is rectified straight away. Failure to rectify damage at an early stage, will lead to corrosion of the product progressing at an increased rate above what would be seen at an inland location.

To combat this aggressive environment, the overall coating thickness will need to be much greater. This increased coating thickness forms a longer-lasting barrier between the environment and the substrate thus delaying the onset of corrosion. It is imperative that a robust maintenance regime is put in place to ensure that no salt or other contaminants, are able to build up on the surface of the coating. Irrespective of the volume and quality of coating applied, regular maintenance and repainting will be required to ensure your Cast Iron products can continue to combat the harsh environments that coastal conditions present.

When using our Heritage Rainwater, LCC Soil or Heritage Push-Fit Soil systems in coastal areas, we advise speaking to us regarding our Coastal paint options. These are designed to provide increased protection levels for these product systems beyond that of the standard paint finish.

Due to the bespoke paint requirements, these products will be on an extended lead time and will incur additional charges, for the specialised paint required.

Traditional LCC Soil Pipe System

Traditional LCC Soil (BS416) is coated in a bitumen paint. The main components of Bitumen paint are naphtha (petroleum) based.These products are sandcast, giving an authentic cast iron finish.

In the past Bitumen was the main choice for traditional soil drainage due to its resistance to moisture and good coverage of uneven surfaces. Normally this type of finish can’t be over painted with other paint types, because not only will harder materials used for over coating tend to crack or craze, but there is also the possibility that the Bitumen will bleed through. We cannot, therefore, recommend overpainting as a viable option, unless overcoating with a bitumen paint.

If the colour is important to your project, we can recommend our Heritage Push-Fit Soil System.

Heritage LCC Push-Fit Soil System

As an alternative to Traditional LCC Soil Pipe System we offer our Heritage LCC Push-fit Soil System, designed for a lifetime performance. This contemporary Cast Iron system has the appearance of traditional Cast Iron soil drainage but requires no caulking or sealing. It is quicker to fit saving significant time on every joint. The sockets are manufactured to fit 50mm and 100mm pipes and fittings. All push fit sockets are supplied with EPDM rubber sealing rings which are suitable for most applications.

This system can be finished in the same way as our rainwater products.

Galvanised Steel Brackets

When using galvanised steel brackets for cast iron goods with a painted finish, please be aware that these products do not adhere to the paint in the same way as cast iron goods, at times the product may get knocked in transit or installation, we recommend that these products are touched up after installation, most of our cast iron painted black deliveries are supplied with a free tin of touch up paint. If you did not receive some touch up paint, we will gladly supply free of charge,if this problem occurs.   


RAL 9005
Jet Black Semi-Gloss
RAL 9005
Jet Black Full Gloss
RAL 7016 Anthracite
Grey Semi-Gloss
RAL 7024
Graphite Grey Semi-Gloss
RAL 7038
Agate Grey Semi-Gloss

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